Magazine Holder 1PC Tactical Molle Compatible Single Stacker Open-Top Pistol Mag Pouch with 4 Rounds 12G Shotshell Holder for M4 M16 Magazines (2 Pack,Black)

$15.99 $21


Versatile Pouch ● Combine a pistol mag pouch and a modular shotgun ammo holder into one unit,a simple and effective system.

User-friendly Design:
● Fit Snap Firmly Mag
Tactical magazine pouches work for M4 mag,M16 magazine,AR15/5.56/.223 magazines,including but not limited for magazine of 12 Gauge/20G .
● Open top with elastic cord
Easy let your different article reaches the most stable state. Tension is nice and doesnt fall out or rattle.

About Specification & Package
●1 x M4 magazine pouch


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