Tactical Universal Baton Case Holster 360 Degree Rotation Belt Clip Military Outdoor Stick Holster Black Self Defense Safety EDC

$15.99 $19


This item is a useful tool for baton, made of high quality.

1. Suitable for 99.9% batons

2. Not EKA baton holder

3. It enables a very quick drawing of the baton

4. Convenient clamping buckle

5. Suitable for the batons 0.98" to 1.10" (2.5 cm to 2.8 cm) diameter

6. Fit belt width: under 5.5cm

7. Adjustable waistband width


Material: ABS

Size:16.3*4.8cm(Long type)

Weight: 100g

Type: Holster

Color: Black

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