LED Metal Letter , Waterproof Illuminated Namely Letter LED Light for Store Front Hotel Door Housing Plates Stainless Steel Company Name

$119.59 $200


The default white light is 10000K, please msg us if you need 6500K


Product information:


1.product name : led back light house office name
2.Color : SS Color Black/ SS Color Silver/ SS Color Gold

3.Emission color :White / Warm White / Blue(you can note the lighting color when you place the order)
4.Size : height height 16cm/6in, height 20cm/8in, height 25cm/10in , height 30cm/12in , height 45cm/18in(Support customize other sizes, please contact me.)
5.Transformer : input 110-240V , output 12V
6.Provided :

1 x power supply per order(Orders placed in the same time period, the phone number and address are the same as the same order),

1 x lot installation tools ,screw , Installation drawings.

1 x 1000mm extend wire (if you think it is short , please measure your wall and note the wire length)
7.Waterproof Led ligth source with CE/Rohs cetification Color temperature: 10000K / 3000k-4000k Span :100000 hours



● Light weight and won't get too hot when use.

● Perfect decoration for bedroom , gaming room , wall ,

● A great gift for anniversary, birthday, or love gift for your family.

● Can be used as a lamp light, wall art light and also a great personalized gift.

● All pre-assembled and screw accessories help to hang on your wall or windows.

● LED neon tubes mounted on transparent acrylic backplane cut in outline shape. No installation needed.


Installation note:


1. The power supply is best placed behind the wall or behind the board
2. If you have too many letters, please extend the wire. The specific operation is as follows
3. A general principle:




1.The seller recommendsfont 1(in stock)
2. When you place an order, please mark the font you like. Otherwise, it is the default font 1.












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