Selfie Illuminate Case for iPhone 12, LED Case with Rechargeable Back and Front Illuminated Luminous Case(Rose Gold)

$18.99 $35.99
Selfie LED Light up Case for Iphone 12(Rose Gold)

New color goes with almost every outfit and you would become the center of attention.

Basic features:

- Color: Rose Gold - Light model: 4 modes including front light, back light, back and front light, flash light - Brightness: long press/dimmed - Input: 5V <2.0A - Full charge time: 2 hours - Working time: brightest last 1 hour

Technical specifications:

- QC status: QC Full testing before sent - Conditions: Brand NEW - USB level: 2.0 - Battery status: Integrated built-in

Tips when using:

- The button on the back is the control button. - Single press the button you will: Open front light - back light - double light - Close. - Long press the button to adjust the brightness(first brighten up or second dimmed down).

- Double click the button to get flash light

Turn the iphone case over and look for a small button on the back of the case. If you keep press the button the light will dim or brighten. A micro usb charging cord comes included with the case.

Noted:It is recommended to fully charge battery before first use.

Full Compatibile:

- iPhone 12 light case

- Charge cable

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