Tactical Headphones Wired Headset Throat Mic Adapter for Baofeng UV-5R Airsoft Accessories Hunting


Tactical Bowman Throat Mic Adapter For Style EVO III Dual Side Headset with U94 PTT for Kenwood Airsoft Accessories Z033 Z113

Tactical Throat Mic Headset 

Transducer: moving coil dynamic speaker 
Includes a Mushroom tipped ear pieces 
Throat mic with Dual Sensitive throat mic transponders 
Flexible and comfortable neck band 
The Transparent voice tube 
Military interface 
Z Tactical PTT U94 for Baofeng UV-5R Z113
Applicable to the full range of Z-TAC tactical headset 
Easy operate and compact size
Strong back clip provides a secure attachment 
Metal Clip on the back for carrying on vest strap
Easy installation and easy to manipulate
Fit military standard version plug
Push to Talk Button

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