VANJUNN Hanheld RGB Tube,20cm LED Handheld Video Sutefoto Handheld Led Light Tube

$45.99 $89.99
Handheld RGB LED Light Tube Stick for Vlog Shooting and Live Streaming

[Portable Light Tube] Adopting 184pcs LED Beads, our handheld Light Tube wand features in illumination angle up to 120°, and the brightness can reach 800LUX(0.3m). The 184pcs including 69pcs White Beads,69pcs Yellow Beads and 46PCS RGB Beads.

[Outstanding Color] Outstanding color rendition with color temperature 2500K-9000K and brightness 0-100%, CRI95+, illuminance 800LUX/0.3m. With beam angle 120°, the handheld light tube will guarantee the natural and vivid color. 

[Excellent Rechargeable Battery] With 3000mAh rechargeable battery built in, the RGB light wand can be used continuously by the strongest brightness working over 2h,and the weakest brightness over 15h. Also Equipped with Type C charing port on back of light tube, usually apply 2.5 hours for a full charge. 

[2 ¼" Screw Ports for Expansion ]2 standard ¼" interfaces making it convenient for external photographic camera auxiliary equipment.
Also the port can be easily installed on the tripod, tilter bracket or light stand,  more compatibility and flexibility to place the light tube.

[Magnet Adsorption] The back of light has been Built in a magnetic part, which allows you place your light tube on most metals surface to make your video or photo under the color you want. 

Basic Spefications:

-Color temperature: 2500-9000k ± 200K 
-184 High Color Rendering LED Beads
-20 Scene Modes 
-Magnet Adsorption
-Indication: ≥ 95
-Power: 7W
-Size: 200*41*37mm
-Illumination angle: 120 degrees
-Illumination: 800lx / 0.3m
-Battery capacity: 3000mAh
-Rated voltage: 3.7V
-Charging line: 5v2a type-C interface
-Working hours: 2-10 hours

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